Healthcare Asia Pte Ltd specializes in providing quality pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals and patients for them to access potentially life-saving drugs that are otherwise not available to them particularly in the area of exemption drugs.

We will focus only on the highest quality pharmaceuticals obtained through established and reputable sources such as Europe and US to ensure the safety of the patients. Our close connection and good relations with the stakeholders has enabled us to provide our customers with:

  • Competitive Prices
  • Shorter Lead Time
  • Fresh Stock with the Longest Shelf Life available

As a responsible health care supplier, we adopt the best practice in Good Distribution Practice (GDP) which is a vital component of Quality Assurance which is required by Health Science Authority (HSA) of Singapore. With the implementation of GDP, we ensure that products are consistently stored and handled according to the guidelines. In addition our qualified pharmacistshas wealth of experience handling pharmaceutical drugs as such the quality of the product is always maintained at the highest level throughout the distribution chain during storage, transportation until our customers received the products.

At Healthcare Asia we are totally committed to our AC³T “Assurance, Commitment, Competency, Competitiveness, Timeliness”

Assurance – We only deliver goods of the highest quality to our customers.

Commitment –We act with integrity and are committed to the pursuit of excellence through professionalism and reliability.

Competency–We serve with passion and provide quality services that are of the highest professional standards.

Competitiveness –We strive to provide goods to our customers at a competitive price.

Timeliness –We fulfil our promises and always deliver the products on time.