Cold Chain Product (2 to 8 degree) – using validated cold chain shippers

1. The product will be place in a zip lock bag in airtight condition to avoid moisture


2. The product will be placed in a box


3. These ice pads will be taken out by from a freezer esports which has been kept for at least 48 hours at the temperature of -20°C. They will also be condition accordingly before placing them in the validated cold chain box and find cbd bu.

cold chian box 1

4. The first 3 ice pads will be placed onto the bottom of the box. 


5. The product will be placed in the middle of the validated cold chain box. 


6. There will be 3 more ice pads which will be placed at the top. 


7. Lastly a styrofoam box placed on top to ensure the product is fully protected. 


8. The product is ready for shipping and the temperature will be kept within 2 to 8 degree for at least 72 hours.